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To Much Social Media Can Lead to Depression

By: Kayleigh Lewis The more time young adults spend on social media, the more likely they are to become depressed, a study has found. The 1,787 US participants used social media for an average 61 minutes every day, visiting accounts 30 times per week. Of them a quarter were found to have high indicators of [...]

Foundation to soon go live with new website

LINCOLN, NE., April 7, 2016 – The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce that later this month, the foundation will be coming out with a brand new website. The website was created by FireSpring, Inc. A Non-Profit Business that supports other non-profits. The Foundation has made some major changes in design, content, [...]

High-sugar diet is as ‘damaging to your brain as extreme stress or ABUSE

By DailyMail Sugar found to be as damaging as early life stress, scientists discover. Chronic sugar intake triggers changes to hippo-campus the area of the brain, which is important for both memory and stress.Experts say changes noted in the brain are of 'great concern' given the high consumption of sugary drinks, particularly among young people. Read this [...]

Why is Depression common in people with Chronic Illness?

By MedicineNet Depression is one of the most common complications of chronic illness. It is estimated that up to one-third of individuals with a serious medical condition experience symptoms of depression. Read this article

Dutch open their first ‘poop bank’ to treat gut diseases

By Yahoo Health News After blood and sperm banks, Dutch researchers have now opened the country's first "poop bank" in a rare and cutting-edge branch of medicine to treat people with chronic gut infections. Read This Article

Boston Children’s Hospital Short Bowel Syndrome Overview

Boston Children's Hospital is known for its innovation in Short Bowel Syndrome. It was where the STEP procedure was created by a team of surgeons to lengthen the small intestine. They give a solid overview of the condition. Visit their site for SBS when clicking on Read More. Read More

Relationships and living with a Chronic Illness

By Jon Fortenbury (The Atlantic) When should you disclose medical conditions to a date? Friends? When is illness too much for a relationship or friendship to survive? Read this article

Sleeping and Chronic Illness

By MedcineNet.com The pain and fatigue that people with chronic illness experience have a large impact on their daily lives, including sleep. Because of their illness, these patients often have trouble sleeping at night and are sleepy during the day. This is especially the case for people who have neurological (nervous system) diseases such as Parkinson's and [...]

Chronic Illness & Mental Illness

By Canadian Mental Health Association Mental health and physical health are fundamentally linked. People living with a serious mental illness are at higher risk of experiencing a wide range of chronic physical conditions. Conversely, people living with chronic physical health conditions experience depression and anxiety at twice the rate of the general population. Co-existing mental [...]

Most Expensive Medical Procedures of 2016

Article Taken from Healthcare Global Healthcare in the United States is expensive, but which medical procedures carry the costliest price tags? In a recent issue of Healthcare Global magazine, they profiled the top 10 most expensive medical procedures, below are the top six.     Liver transplant  USD $577,100 Bone marrow transplant USD $676,800 Lung transplant USD $797,200 [...]

Naia Rare Diseases Forms Scientific Advisory Board Comprised of Internationally Renowned Experts and Scientists

Naia Rare Diseases Inc, a subsidiary of Naia Limited, Forms Scientific Advisory Board Comprised of Internationally Renowned Experts and Scientists — Company Appoints Advisor of Patient and Physician Relations — RICHMOND, Calif., January 7, 2016 – Naia Limited, an international drug development company today announced that its subsidiary, Naia Rare Diseases, has formed a Scientific [...]

Cupcake Dream Motivates Doctor

Butler County boy's cupcake dream motivates doctor By Luis Fábregas | Monday, May 21, 2012, 11:47 p.m. Austin Rath is almost 6 years old and never has had a drink of water. He hasn't eaten a cupcake, either. The kindergartner from Renfrew in Butler County lost about 90 percent of his intestines shortly after birth because [...]

CenterWatch Weekly Article: SBSF and NPS Pharma Partner on New Project

SBS Foundation & NPS Pharmaceuticals partner to connect, and eventually recruit, patients CenterWatch Weekly, December 9, 2013 The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation (SBSF), a nonprofit group that worked with industry leaders to support NPS Pharmaceuticals in gaining FDA approval for its drug Gattex last year, now is undertaking a new project that will be a [...]