Our Vision

The foundation’s vision is to provide education and support materials, while inspiring those who come to the site, or our social networks for guidance and knowledge they need, so that management of care becomes more of ease, knowing support and resources are at your fingertips.


Our Mission

The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation’s (SBSF) mission is to educate, support, and empower patients who live with the condition and the healthcare providers who help patients to manage Short Bowel Syndrome. SBSF empowers patients and their families to live fuller lives by connecting them to necessary resources, creating a lifeline of hope.


Our Values

People with SBS and their families come first in everything we do.

Commitment to excellence and professionalism are key tenets at all levels of our organization.

We are one team with one vision and one mission working together.

Collaboration and partnership within our organization and with others who share our vision and values are key to sustained success in the fight against SBS.

Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guide all our endeavors.

Mutual respect is the cornerstone for all our working relationships.

Diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds strengthen our efforts.