Transplant Support

Patients who have undergone transplants, along with their families, have access to a wide range of support resources. These include group gatherings, educational programs, one-on-one assistance, social activities, newsletters, written materials, internet groups, and telephone conversations. Throughout their transplant journeys, patients tend to gain confidence, establish enduring friendships, participate in social events, and actively support organ and tissue donation. Whether you are a caregiver for a transplant recipient or a recipient yourself, joining one or multiple support options is worth considering.

Support Groups

Intestinal & Multivisceral Transplant Support Group

Transplant Caregivers Support Group

The Transplant Community Outreach

Transplant Unwrapped Support: Short Bowel, Intestinal Rehab & Transplant

Transplant Journey Support Group

Transplant Talk

Organ Transplant & Donation

Liver Transplant Open Discussion

Transplant Survivors

Liver Transplant Patients

Transplant Organizations

Intestinal Transplant Association (ITA)

Transplant Living

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)

Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients

The Coalition on Donation

Transplant Recipients International Organization