AndyProPhotoSBS Foundation & NPS Pharmaceuticals partner to connect, and eventually recruit, patients
CenterWatch Weekly, December 9, 2013

The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation (SBSF), a nonprofit group that worked with industry leaders to support NPS Pharmaceuticals in gaining FDA approval for its drug Gattex last year, now is undertaking a new project that will be a critical resource for the SBS community and contribute to quicker development of new drugs to treat the rare disease. SBSF Chief Executive Andrew Jablonski, who founded the organization three years ago, is building a platform to allow SBS patients and their caregivers to connect with one another on a one-to-one basis, beyond group or social media settings. NPS, which approached Jablonski about the idea, could eventually use the platform to recruit patients for clinical trials or to learn more about the needs of patients and their advocates. The project, which will be called either SBS Connections or SBS Match, in the short term will be an online patient-to-patient support network.