Recently I was featured in my local newspaper: The Lincoln Journal Star.  Every year they have a sub-section of the newspaper called “Heartland Hero’s”. People who have or are making a difference in the Nebraska community.  This year I was chosen as one of eight for this honor.  The paper came out and did a story on myself and also the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation.

Lincoln Journal Star Article

This was a great opportunity to raise more awareness for the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, and also to explain a little bit more about my beginnings. Something that I dont talk much about, really because I dont remember enough of it to be detailed about it. Second it is depressing to talk about.  When stories like this come out though, then it puts it into a different perspective.

I was surprised to learn that some people who read the article, had no idea that I was even sick inside.  That is the thing with Short Bowel Syndrome, it is an invisible illness, and unless you are really sick, all the time, how else would somebody know about your condition, unless you told them or they really knew you?

It is always nice to be recognized, and I am glad that the story went over well! I hope this is just the first of many successes in the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, and that many more are to come. I am always open to discussing my story with those who want to learn more, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask.