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The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, Inc. (SBSF) is dedicated to empowering individuals within the SBS community on a national and international scale. The foundation’s mission is to facilitate a fuller life by connecting patients and their families to essential resources, creating a vital support network. Over the past 14 years, SBSF has grown into a thriving global community, reaching individuals living with short bowel syndrome worldwide. With a daily-growing following of over 20,000 members, the foundation has become a source of solace, support, and understanding for those directly impacted by SBS.

In addition to serving as a comprehensive resource on Short Bowel Syndrome, SBSF plays a crucial role in educating patients and caregivers, fostering a deeper understanding of SBS and its treatments. The foundation actively engages and facilitates online Adult & Family Support Group’s, and oversees other various support groups tailored to different demographics, including Adults, International participants, Siblings, Fathers, and Single Parents. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds can find support and information relevant to their unique experiences.

Furthermore, the foundation collaborates with expert advisory boards for short bowel syndrome, serving as a consultant for pharmaceuticals and companies involved in short bowel therapy research. This collaborative effort with industry leaders aims to enhance the overall experiences of patients and caregivers, reflecting SBSF’s commitment to making a positive impact at both national and international levels.

SBSF is also available for speaking engagements, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Relations
  • Industry Symposiums and Conferences
  • Patient Meetings
  • Public Speaking