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The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, Inc. (SBSF) strives to empower the SBS community to live fuller lives by connecting patients and their families to necessary resources, which ultimately helps to create a lifeline of support. In the last six years, the Foundation has grown into a community of over 10,000+ ,followers and continues to grow daily. Those who are affected by the condition directly in their daily lives, seeking support, comfort, and understanding by others in the SBS community, just like themselves.

We are more than just a primer for Short Bowel Syndrome. SBSF offers education for patients and caregivers to help give a better understanding of SBS and its treatments. In addition, the Foundation participates in an online Family Support Group and administers an adult based support group for those who live with SBS. These groups touch the lives of as many as 4,000 followers and participants who are impacted by SBS. Running support groups for Adults, International, Siblings, Fathers, and Single Parents. The Foundation has been on expert advisory board’s for short bowel syndrome, is an expert consultant for NAIA Pharmaceuticals, who is developing a new short bowel therapy. Working along side industry leaders to create better patient and caregiver experiences.

The Foundation is available for speaking opportunities for:

  • Patient Meetings
  • Hospital Educational Seminars
  • Industry Symposiums and Conferences
  • Rare Disease Industry
  • Public Speaking