Vinnie is doing well. After suffering his first transplant rejection January of 2015 and taking most of the year to recover from it, so far 2016 is proving to be a healthier, happier year! This year we will celebrate his 5 year transplant anniversary of receiving a small bowel! He is doing great in kindergarten, is taking piano lessons and hopes to learn karate soon! He is a very active, funny and social little guy and he scored 3 goals on his fall soccer team. He loves comic books, super heroes, power rangers, Legos and ninja turtles! Health-wise he managed to stay healthy except for a cold during the winter months…. which is typically the time of year he often gets hospitalized. We are looking forward to (hopefully) reaching our goal of no hospitalizations for an entire year! He is learning how to manage his colostomy bag but still despises his required monthly lab draws. We will visit his doctors in Pittsburgh in June for his next check up!