2017 has started off well thus far. Why the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation continues to work on finding funding, it will not stop us from carrying out projects that cost nothing to run. These projects can not just be ran by one person, so I want to welcome aboard the following and their roles!

Aleah Smith: A lifelong 22 year old young adult with Short Bowel Syndrome. Aleah will be working on a transition of care program for pediatrics transitioning into the adult world of short bowel. A scary time for any pediatric patient who needs to start over. Andy Jablonski and Aleah, both lifelong patients since birth will be carrying out and developing this project in the first part of 2017.

Debby Hansard: Debby saw a void in adult local support. From Georgia, Deb has formed an alliance of adult short bowel patients who meet once every three months at a local firehouse to discuss their lives with SBS, providing support to one another in person. The meetings are open to all who want to attend, local or out of state. Debby is an adult living with SBS on PN. She got SBS through trauma and offers a different perspective into the adult world of SBS.

Mendy McIntire: Mendy has joined our team to provide more adult support and administrative support to the foundation. Mendy became a short bowel patient as an adult in 2014 from trauma. One of our most optimistic people we know in our community!

Dawn Smith: Is our east coast adult support lead, providing administrative duties in our online groups and providing more adult patient support, as well as young adults. Dawn became SBS as an adult as well through trauma related causes.

All of these people are of value to SBSF and have brought many things to our tables in the past. We are excited to be working with Aleah, Deb, Mendy, and Dawn!