BradenBraden is a 16 year old young man who lives in the Boulder, CO area.

Braden is Dependent on Enteral Nutrition as a sole source of nutrition as he can not absorb everything just through eating oral foods. He had to discontinue TPN because of loss of venous access at an early age, but due to being in septic shock due to line infections 7 times he has had his line removed. Braden has problems with Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth and recently traveled from Boulder, CO with his family to Lincoln, NE to seek out an expert opinion on the topic.

Braden is a bright student who excels in school and is enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses. He has interests in Science, Business, and Medicine and takes part in his schools Forensic and Debate Teams. Braden used his award to purchase a laptop computer to make taking notes at school easier, due to poor penmanship he says.

Braden has two siblings, brother Alex (16) and sister Taylor (16). His parents are Chris and Lori Wild.