How can one have an illness and live a healthy life at the same time? We “positively manage”, that sounds like a double standard, but in all reality, even when you are sick, life continues on. We still have everyday activities to complete, such as household chores, errands, sporting events, family events, socialization, the list goes on. All of these activities are just as important to the chronically ill as the non-ill people.

A healthy way of living with a chronic illness is to work at overcoming the physical and the emotional problems caused by the disease. The goal is to achieve the greatest possible physical capability and pleasure from life.  There are no miracles or cures, but more tips and ideas to make your life easier and more manageable with SBS.

Note that I said positively manage, and I say this because there is no way you can avoid managing a chronic condition, if you choose to be a positive self-manager and undergo all of the best treatments that healthcare professionals have to offer, along with being proactive in your day to day management, this will lead you to live a healthy life.

Like any skill, active self-management must be learned and practiced. Remember since you are the manager of your chronic condition, like the manager of a household or business, you must:

  • Decide on what YOU WANT to accomplish
  • Look for ALTERNATE ways to complete this goal
  • Start making short term plans by making a Individual Plan (I.P.) or agreement with yourself
  • Carry out your I.P.
  • Check the results
  • Make Changes as needed
  • Remember to REWARD yourself

Individual Plan

In writing your I.P., be sure it includes:

  1. What you are going to do
  2. How much you are going to do
  3. When you are going to do it
  4. How many days a week you are going to do it

For example: This week, I will walk (what) around the block (how much) before lunch (when) three times (how many).

This week I will _____________________________(what)
________________________________________(how much)
_________________________________________(how many)

How confident are you (0=not at all- 10=very confident) ____________

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