2013 The Hardship Award’s

Presented by: The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation

hardship awardsThe Short Bowel Foundation Hardship Award is an award granted to any Short Bowel Syndrome patient.  Living with SBS can come with many hardships for children and adults alike. The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation was created to help support and educate those with SBS or those who care for those with SBS. A part of our mission is to empower patients to live fuller lives, and one way of fulfilling that part of our mission is to give back to the Short Bowel Community.

The Foundation’s mission encompasses education and support, this year we will be focusing more of our efforts of these two areas, in addition to fundraising.  Part of our support system is financial assistance to those in need. Stories that come in from the scholarships will be able to be used on the SBSF Website for “Stories of the Month”. We will issue up to six awards for $500 each. The award is being funded through a contribution given to the Foundation. The Foundation wants to give part of that contribution back to the SBS Community, so funding will be limited.

Patients applying will need to write a minimum one page letter to the SBS Foundation explaining:

  • How the condition has impacted your life
  • Three  goals for the future for the SBS Child or Patient
  • Describe your personal ambitions or future goal(s)
  • How you would use the award if granted

In Addition:

A Letter of Recommendation from GI or Treating Physician

Letters that are received by the SBS Foundation will be reviewed by the CEO and 2 Board Members before an applicant is awarded a scholarship.

Once a family has been awarded a scholarship for the year they are not eligible again until the following year.

Letters of Inquiry can be sent to:

Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
The Hardship Award
6705 Milan Drive
Lincoln, NE 68526